Have you ever felt unfocused? when yesterday you had wasted 6 hours and decided to do something and today you want to do something else.
This is my fight with my self. I have always been very fickle minded.
I plan so well, analyze even better and then conclude on something i want to do. Then i start that thing and after a few days, i have equally good case for something even better and i want to drop what i am doing and hop onto something else.

In the past i have tried my hand on iOS development may be 4-5 times at least and gave up just because the grass seemed greener on the other side. (well you know why i picked it 4-5 times, this seemed greener when i was on the other side). Now with a week into this, i feel like i want to do web development as there is better scope of what i can do, or Data science in python as there is more pay and job prospects or just F**k*ng open a gym.

But i am resisting it with all my might. And a big contributing factor is that a week back, i had invested in the 13″ 8th gen top end macbook pro (the 512gb model, that is top end in India, we do not have the i7 option or self configure option). I had paid close to rs 1.5L even though i did not have any money (i am currently in debt as i had lost everything in stock markets – not saying it is bad, just that i am not cut out for stock market) thanks to no-cost-emi which everywhere here nowadays. So i cant sell the macbook pro now, as no one would buy it at that price, i am pressurized psychologically to work on the iOS development task that i took up.

I think is this is very good. I needed something like this to force me to stick onto this. So you all find something, whatever you can, to make you stick onto what you are doing and you will achieve whatever you had dreamed of.


P.S. Trust me, the feeling of starting the same thing over and over again is heart breaking and frustrating. Things will get difficult, but then again, you have to climb up the tree to get the best fruit.

Take Care!!


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