Starting Go Programming Language.

Starting with the Go programming language from google.
This part is about installing Go and setting up the environment.

1. Download and Install Go from here
– after the installing, open cmd/terminal and type go. if you get the go help message, go is successfully installed.

2. Install VSCode
a. download and install
b. install “Go” Extentiion

c. Install Analysis Tools form the bottom right corner

My fight with my “chanchal man” or fickle self conciousness


Have you ever felt unfocused? when yesterday you had wasted 6 hours and decided to do something and today you want to do something else.
This is my fight with my self. I have always been very fickle minded.
I plan so well, analyze even better and then conclude on something i want to do. Then i start that thing and after a few days, i have equally good case for something even better and i want to drop what i am doing and hop onto something else.

In the past i have tried my hand on iOS development may be 4-5 times at least and gave up just because the grass seemed greener on the other side. (well you know why i picked it 4-5 times, this seemed greener when i was on the other side). Now with a week into this, i feel like i want to do web development as there is better scope of what i can do, or Data science in python as there is more pay and job prospects or just F**k*ng open a gym.

But i am resisting it with all my might. And a big contributing factor is that a week back, i had invested in the 13″ 8th gen top end macbook pro (the 512gb model, that is top end in India, we do not have the i7 option or self configure option). I had paid close to rs 1.5L even though i did not have any money (i am currently in debt as i had lost everything in stock markets – not saying it is bad, just that i am not cut out for stock market) thanks to no-cost-emi which everywhere here nowadays. So i cant sell the macbook pro now, as no one would buy it at that price, i am pressurized psychologically to work on the iOS development task that i took up.

I think is this is very good. I needed something like this to force me to stick onto this. So you all find something, whatever you can, to make you stick onto what you are doing and you will achieve whatever you had dreamed of.


P.S. Trust me, the feeling of starting the same thing over and over again is heart breaking and frustrating. Things will get difficult, but then again, you have to climb up the tree to get the best fruit.

Take Care!!


E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock

i wanted to upgrade my system so used a few commands to do that

# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade
# apt-get dist-upgrade

but because of low space, my vm stopped suddenly/crashed. Now when i opened it again and tried the commands again. i got the error in the heading. The system was not able to get a lock on apt.
There can be other similar lock issues as well which i got on removing the first one.

E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock
E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock
E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock

So this happens because while i want to run the apt command, but already some process behind the scenes has a lock on the resources and while we are sure that we haven’t run anything now or nothing is being run under the hood, the resources are still locked. That is because the last time when system was halted abruptly, i wasn’t able to completely release the resource and now it still has a lock on it.
But then again, there might actually be some other processes running behind the scenes.

1. To close any processes running behind the scenes –
a. search for any running process and kill it:

# ps aux | grep -i apt
# killall apt-get

b. go ahead and remove the loc files

# rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock
# rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock
# rm /var/cache/apt/archives/lock

c. Configure the dpkg again

# dpkg --configure -a

Problem Sovled!

Step 1: Finding a course that can guide a beginner..

The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced! 

I found a great youtube video (16hrs, 1 video) and that guy had a free course link for hacking also. So when i am learning about linux and stuff (thats how beginners talk since they do not know whats actually in the “stuff” part) i thought that this might be a good course to get started and learn some cool stuff along the way. (just installed kali linux in virtual box till now).

There is also a very good website that i found, but that will be on some other post since i really and not going through it as i don’t want to do too many things in 1 go.

Good Day.

this blog is just my notepad..

So a few days back i started installed kali linux on virtual box and i soon realized, even the installation part  + installing a few essentials has its hiccups and i started making notes so that i remember them in future.

So i, created a word file and jotted down some points there, had some points in my dropbox notes.txt file, some in the virtual box itself and it quickly started to become a mess.

This blog is just my experience in this new journey of exploring linux systems and other stuff. You can think of it as a web notepad so that i can look and find something at one place + anyone who faces the same issues may also find the answers that helped me or just browse through the stuff that was interesting to me.
that’s it.

take care.

The Beginning…

before college, i was fascinated and hooked to computers (only gaming) and never knew any other side of it. I chose computer science as my B.Tech degree course and was really really happy about it. I knew i would be happy with my most favorite thing in the world. When the college started, i liked programming and i was good at it, papa also got me a brand new and expensive dell xps worth rs 60k. i still don’t know how did he afford so much when he himself was using a rs 6k phone and i have never seen my parents buy expensive stuff since we were not poor but we were never rich (good old indian middle class, slightly better).

Then came 2nd semester, and i was in college hostel, i got really close to a few of my super seniors (3rd year students, especially nakul pareek sir) and they were into linux, red hat, etc( i dont remember what else did they do) and that caught onto me. I was installing multiple os on my laptop and knew about python language in my first year (2007) when my fellow 1st years hadn’t even heard the names of most of  these things.

Fast forward 3 and half years and i am in my final year. i know nothing more than i did in my first semester. I barely passed in my exams (that too because i had really good friends, Nitesh, Nisha, Khushboo) and they used to literally teach me everything right before the exams (90% of my marks were because of them and i am really grateful i had such good friends and this is not just because they helped me in my exams).
i did not like computer science anymore and i was searching for a project which was vague, sounded good and the examiner wouldn’t question too much on it (for obvious reasons), i chose “cluster computing”.

after i graduated, there were times when i would look back and feel dejected because even though i had great potential ( i was gifted and bright one) i was biting everyone’s dust. I had no direction in life. i wanted to everything and nothing (actually i did nothing). i used to think why did i waste such precious 4 years of my college life where i could i have done so much even if i was just 10% focused ( i cant even remember i how i passed 365×4 days).

Fast forward 7 years, same story. I look back and think how come i have wasted another 7 years (i graduated in 2011) and i still feel the same, think the same (miserable) and do the same thing (think so much and do nothing).

Hope, everything will change today and after 1 year… i won’t be the same person i have been for the last 10 years.

-Neelesh jain